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CRA/LA - Who We Are

Serving Los Angeles Since 1948

For more than half a century, the Community Redevelopment Agency of the City of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) has been Los Angeles' public partner in housing, commercial, neighborhood and economic development.  CRA/LA is dedicated to revitalizing, refurbishing, and renewing economically underserved areas of Los Angeles.  Since its creation in 1948, CRA/LA's main task is to lend a hand-to -investors willing to take risks for a more vibrant city, to neighborhood resident with renewed aspirations for their communities, and to those in need who strive to take part in the city's growing prosperity.

CRA/LA helps: Increase the supply of housing for low income and moderate income families.  Provide infrastructure for commercial and industrial development.  Create Jobs necessary to maintain acceptable levels of employment.

CRA/LA also makes sure that the citizens are engaged in the decision-making process every step of the way.

How Does CRA/LA Choose Areas for Redevelopment?

In most cases city councilmembers, community based organizations, faith-based institutions or other civic leaders and organizations request CRA/LA establish a redevelopment area in a community.  Redevelopment areas are established:

  • To foster job creation and establish an environment that will attract and sustain private investment;
  • to maintain and increase the supply of housing for low-and moderate income households;
  • To renovate, remove or replace deteriorated or dilapidated structures.

CRA/LA adopts comprehensive plans for redevelopment areas.  These plans provide guidelines and strategies for removing physical and economic blight and provide a vision, goals and timetables for generating growth and new opportunities.  Redevelopment plans are created with political , business, and community participation.  The plans are the roadmap for spurring growth, creating new housing and improving the quality of life and general welfare of the people who live and work in and around redevelopment areas.

Currently, CRA/LA manages 32 redevelopment project areas in seven regions throughout Los Angeles: Downtown, Eastside, East Valley, Hollywood & Central, South Los Angeles, Watts & Harbor and West Valley.

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