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Strategic Location


Port of Los AngelesWhen you locate your business in Wilmington Industrial Park, you obtain next-door access to the country’s largest exchange point for imported and exported materials.  In addition, you obtain convenient access to shipping to the world market for your goods.

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach efficiently handle more than 40% of the nation’s containerized cargo import traffic and 24% of the nation’s total exports.

The proximity of warehousing and distribution centers in the port area will minimize the mileage costs associated with the transportation of imported materials to your business or with moving your goods out to the world.


Links to Major Highway and Rail Transit

Highway and rail transitThe Wilmington Industrial Park is nestled conveniently between Interstates 110, 405 and 710, which provide easy access to the major national trucking routes of U.S. Interstates 5 and 10 for transportation options in all directions.

And major rail freight access is right here.   The Alameda Corridor is a 20-mile state-of-the-art rail cargo expressway, which links via the downtown Los Angeles hub to the American continental railway network—and to the entire U.S.