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LA Harbor Industrial Center Redevelopment Plan


Wilmington Industrial Park Sign

The Redevelopment Plan was adopted by City Council on July 18, 1974. In keeping with the City General Plan for the development of industrial parks, the key goal is the creation of a healthy, active industrial center with the physical and economic strength to maintain itself. To reach that goal, the primary objective of the Plan is to entice labor-intensive industries into the Project to provide new employment opportunities.

An Amended Redevelopment Plan was adopted by The City Council Ordinance No. 174773 on August 14, 2002.

This Plan contains revisions which do the following:

a. Extend the time limit to commence eminent domain for twelve (12) years from the date of adoption of the ordinance adopting this Amended Plan;

b. Change certain Plan objectives, proposed redevelopment actions, general controls and limitations and other text as requested by the WIPAC's Community Advisory Committee; and

c. Various revisions to the text for clean-up purposes or to reflect changes in the Redevelopment Law.

Open Storage Regulations:

No open storage of cargo containers or salvage materials are permitted, effective Aug. 1 2003 - 2004 and may be extended. See Open Storage Control Ordinance - No. 177243 [PDF, 1.46MB, 33 pages total]

Allowed Industrial Uses

The principal land use throughout the Project Area is industrial but may include petroleum extraction activities. No building, structure or land may be used, erected, enlarged, altered or maintained except for such industrial use, or uses which provide services or facilities for persons within the Project Area. A dwelling unit may be considered a permitted accessory building whan it is designed for and used solely by a caretaker or watchman in connection with an industrial use requiring 24-hour supervision. Such an accessory use shall be located on the same lot with such industrial use.

All uses having an adverse effect upon adjoining uses including but not linited to animal stockyards, motor vehicle and sea vessel wrecking or salvage, junkyards, dumping, reduction of garbage or crushing, smashing, baling, storage or reduction of metal, even if they are properly screened, are specifically excluded from the Project. There shall be no outside storage of materials, supplies, products or equipment, or outside operations or processes unless they are adequately screened from public streets and adjacent properties by permanent screening devices. Screened shall mean concealed from view by landscaping, decorative fences, and/or by permanent screening devices.

Source: The Amended Redevelopment Plan for the Los Angeles Harbor Industrial Center Redevelopment Project, August 14, 2002, Section V. B (502)