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Economic Adjustment Strategy


Los Angeles Harbor Area

Los Angeles Harbor Area
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The City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) has commissioned this Economic Adjustment Strategy (EAS) for the Wilmington Industrial Park (WIP) -- a 232-acre multi-purpose industrial center located in the Harbor Redevelopment Project Area.

The EAS was funded by a grant from the United States Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA), and prepared by a joint effort of Economic & Planning Systems (EPS), JWD Group, Psomas, Diaz-Yourman & Associates, and Seifel Consulting, Inc. The report was prepared as a City interdepartmental effort with the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, Councilor Janice Hahn's CRA Environmental Affairs and the City Bureau of Engineering.

The study is a response to the trend toward lagging private investment in a region that lacks centrally located developable commercial land. It is an area that needs to generate more stable and diverse employment opportunities for the local population, eliminate blighted conditions, and enhance the character of the overall community.

Study Objectives: Wilmington Industrial Park

Adequate industrial land is in short supply in the Los Angeles Harbor Area. The CRA is confronted with the challenge of reversing decades of negligence and decay in an environment with inconsistent levels of infrastructure improvements, design quality, and investment from parcel to parcel. The development of a functional business environment will require a highly coordinated, multi-disciplinary effort involving the sustained energy of the CRA and its private sector development partners.

The WIP is the City's third Brownfields Demonstration Site, and is divided into over 600 parcels replete with oil wells, interim uses, and pockets of small and medium sized manufacturing, cold storage, and Port support uses. The park holds significant potential for attracting developers and owner-operators looking for infill sites in the South Bay industrial market. It can be a viable project if local market strength and brownfields initiatives at all levels are strong enough to offset the area's constraints.

This Economic Adjustment Strategy responds to the CRA's goals and objectives for this industrial community, which include:

Source: Wilmington Industrial Park Economic Adjustment Strategy, Final Report, February 12, 2003, pgs. 1,2,5 Prepared by Economic & Planning Systems

The Report

Report Cover

Report Cover.
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PDFThe complete Economic Adjustment Strategy Final Report, Volumes I, II & III, is available here in PDF format. The report was prepared by Economic & Planning Systems.

Volume I - Economic Adjustment Strategy

Volume II - Market Study - a market analysis supporting the Economic Adjustment Strategy.

Volume III - Geotechnical and Environmental Evaluation - a compilation of technical reports, including a tax increment discussion and a detailed geotechnical report.