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Success Stories

In addition to on-going business development, Wilmington Industrial Park is on its way to becoming a pleasant and beautiful place to work.

A New Gateway to Wilmington Industrial Park

Gateway PlanBusinesses and their customers will be welcomed to Wilmington Industrial Park by a new entrance gateway on Alameda Street at E Street.

The proposed new gateway will feature a landmark sign for the business park and landscaping that flanks the E Street entrance. Landscaping will include Canary Island Pines and Liquid Amber trees, shrubs, ground cover and an automatic irrigation system so the plant life can thrive.

A Million Trees for LA; Hundreds for WIP

Landscaping treesCRA/LA and the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) have been working closely with the Mayor’s Office to plant new trees in Wilmington under the Mayor’s Million Trees Los Angeles (MTLA) initiative.  In the Wilmington Industrial Park, 300 of these trees will be planted in the public right of way along sidewalks.  Additionally, trees will be available to property owners at NO COST .  Owners will be responsible for maintaining and watering trees planted on their property.

WIP property owners can contact Kris Pak at (310) 732-5633 or to obtain information about obtaining trees by October 31, 2008.

Business Success Stories

Juanita's Foods
645 North Eubank Ave.
Wilmington, CA 90748
Telephone (310) 834-5339

Juanita's Foods buildingJuanita's Food is a "home grown" family business operating in the Wilmington Industrial Park for more than 50 years. Juanita's is a prominent and leading manufacturer of canned and bottled Mexican food products, formerly known as Harbor Canning Company. In 1977, the company acquired the Pico Pica Foods Company, another long-established food brand company. Juanita's Menudo has become one of their best sellers on ethnic shelves at grocery stores throughout the USA and has sizable exports to Mexico. In 1984, the company began expanding the product line of both brands and now has established itself the premier marketer of authentic Mexican foods in the grocery industry. Through an Agreement with the Community Redevelopment Agency, Juanita's completed construction of a new 50,000 s.f. distribution warehouse in 1999 to modernize its food processing operation, and in 2005, added a 20,000 corporate office facility. Juanita's Food is third generation family operated business, which has a workforce of 150 employees.


E Street Cold Logistics, LLC
901 "E" St.
Wilmington, CA 90744
Telephone (310) 233-7300

E Street Cold Logistics building"E Street Cold Logistics, LLC has just completed its new facility located at 901 East "E" St., an investment of approximately $12 million for a 107,840 square foot, two-story, state-of-the-art cold storage facility and food distribution warehouse. Union Ice has been in business for more than 100 years, forty of which were in Wilmington at the Neptune facility. CRA/LA has strong support from the business community. The tools of redevelopment are needed in order to facilitate land assemblage, establish appropriate land use controls and encourage the growth of this modern industrial park."

- Rich Burke, President, E Street Cold Logistics, LLC.


Metropolitan Stevedore Company
720 East "E" St.
Wilmington, California 90744-6014
Telephone (310) 816-6500

Metropolitan Stevedore CompanyMetropolitan Stevedore Company (Metropolitan) has been located in Wilmington since 1923. Metropolitan developed an early reputation for offering clientele in the Los Angeles/Long Beach Harbor area the very latest in heavy-lift handling. Seventy years ago, a stevedore, someone who loads and unloads ships, was known as "the man with the hook" moving crates, boxes, and bales around the dock. Early cargoes, though extremely small by today's standards, consisted of familiar items: exotic fruits, seafood, ore and general goods.

Metropolitan is still known today as an innovator in cargo handling equipment in the ever-advancing maritime industry. As a full service general contractor and one of Southern California 's largest cargo-handling businesses, the company also operates various terminal facilities throughout the U.S. Through an Agreement with the Community Redevelopment Agency, in 1989, Metropolitan developed a handsome, modern 65,000 square foot office and headquarters building, which employs 45 people in the Wilmington Industrial Park. The building's quality design reflects Metropolitan's increased emphasis on a high technology-oriented expansion into the twenty-first-century. As a service organization, Metropolitan relies on its long history of professionalism to serve both large and small shippers and continues to emphasize efficiency, adaptation, innovation and a strong sense of community, in its quest to deliver quality, excellent service to its clients.