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Linda JacobsonIN MEMORIAM
Linda Jacobson
owned and represented California Cotton Fumigating Co., Inc., 222 East "G" Street, Wilmington, CA 90744. Mrs. Jacobson has served on the WIPAC since 1998. She succumbed to breast cancer in July 2003 and will be deeply missed. However, her commitment to the Project Area and active participation on the WIPAC will always be appreciated and remembered.

California Cotton is a family owned business that Ms. Jacobson inherited from her father, Tom Hackett and operated with her husband, Tom Jacobson. California Cotton has been operating in Wilmington since the 1950's and provides fumigating services for both outbound and incoming cargo. California Cotton has the largest vacuum fumigation chambers on the West Coast, handles about 200,000 bales of cotton for Egypt which requires fumigation before the bales are loaded on the ship for exportation and also treats delicate and perishable items, e.g. fruits, flowers and holiday staples.